Investing in art for the future

Investing in art need not be scary. We are pleased, and quite proud, that over the years many people who have purchased art from our Northampton-based gallery have seen a healthy return on their art: paintings, original prints and sculpture. These works include original watercolour and oil paintings by Martin Taylor, and original prints such as lithographs by Marc Chagall, etchings by Pablo Picasso and David Hockney, and ‘Paper Plates’ by Roy Lichtenstein. Some buyers have indeed made healthy profits.

The art world is fickle!

Investing in art is not a science and, like all investments, prices can go up and down. Which is why it is important to purchase art from a reputable source with a proven track record. It’s best to try and avoid the wealth of ‘dead stock’ on the market. We see it often. From people buying High Street limited editions for relatively high sums of money and then struggling to sell them on, to those getting caught out by the lure of finding prints discounted on one site, when allegedly ‘sold out’ on another. Sometimes it’s simply because the publisher has sold them all to galleries across the UK, or even internationally.

With an eye for quality, we attempt as best possible to offer you value for money. Of course, no one can guarantee a financial return, but quality is always a good starting point. This is why we have chosen to stock a wide range of original paintings. In fact, we are probably the most well respected location for original paintings and original art in Northamptonshire. It’s what sets us apart and helps protect our customers and clients.

To discuss our portfolio and find out more about investing in the artists we work with, call us on 01832 730022 or drop us an email.