Home and office viewings

Bringing the art to you

At Primrose Gallery, we appreciate that purchasing fine art and original paintings can be quite a decision, and one often best chosen when your family or colleagues are around. So, to make the decision easier we offer home consultations – bringing pieces, or a selection of works, to the comfort of your own surroundings. This way, you can see how things look in-situ, check sizes and, most importantly, see if the artworks suit the surroundings as well as how it is to live with the pieces in the space.

Buying any kind of art for your home or office is a very subjective matter – whether original fine art paintings, sculpture, limited edition prints, or ceramics and glassware. We all have different tastes, and that can make finding the perfect artwork pretty difficult. Our gallery space is designed to be fairly neutral and unobtrusive to reduce the effect that the surroundings has on your viewing of the artwork. However, it is of course, almost impossible to completely remove this effect or transport the colours of your own space to the gallery in your mind.

While there, we can advise on the location of where to hang the paintings or prints, as well as suggestions of what fittings may be required. We can also suggest mirrors and other items that would work with the artwork you’ve chosen.

We will be delighted to bring you work by such world-renowned artists as Vladimir Volegov, Peter Kotka, Martin Taylor, Stephen Hawkins and Ed Robinson.

To discuss bringing artworks to your home or office - and find out more about the artists we work with, call us today on 01832 730022 or send us an email.